How To Choose The Right Guitar

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You have finally decided to step into the music world and the first instrument you are thinking of picking up is none other than the guitar. But it is your first time handling them, you may have a lot of questions and do not know how to pick the right guitar for yourself. After all, a guitar is not cheap and a wrong purchase can greatly set you back by a lot. Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself to guide yourself towards the right choice.

Acoustic or Electric Guitar?

The first question every guitarist need to ask himself definitely would be whether he wants to use an acoustic or electric guitar? There is a common myth floating around which says that an acoustic guitar would be harder to learn than an electric guitar. This is definitely not true at all because both of them can be equally as hard to learn. Some people find find an acoustic guitar harder to learn than an electric guitar while there are also some people who find an electric guitar harder to learn than an acoustic guitar. Therefore, you should choose the type of guitar which you feel the most interested in learning, because when you are interested in something, everything will fall in place very easily.

Nylon or Steel String Guitar?

Now that you have decided on whether to choose an acoustic or electric guitar, the next question you need to ask yourself would be whether you want to use nylon or steel strings. Going by the name itself, most people probably think that steel strings are more durable than nylon strings and harder to play since it should be tougher, but this is actually not the case. Nylon string guitars are mainly used for classical music while steel string guitars are mainly used for rock so you can consider choosing the right guitar based on this and what type of music you want to play in the future.

In summary, you should not worry too much about what type of guitar you have if you just want to get your basics right. Once you have gotten your basics down, then you will eventually know the type of music and the type of guitar that is the right one for you. Thus, do not worry too much at the start and just go with the flow and everything will fall into place for you eventually!

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